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MTA Bus Depot Roof Top Units Replacement | Bronx, New York

Client: Guth DeConzo Consulting Engineers
Completion Date: March, 2021
Client Contact: Jeremy McDonald, Principal | (518) 266-9600

Project Details

HHA designed these large dunnage structures to support several air handling units that were to be placed on the roof of the MTA Bus
Depot. Since the roof joists were not capable of supporting the air handling units, HHA designed the dunnage frames to span over
top of the roof joists and bear on the building frame lines instead. This required the dunnage frames to span 45 feet, and at the same
time, remain relatively light. The dunnage frames were constructed of hot dip galvanized steel for corrosion protection. Access ladders,
guardrails, and platforms were also provided for access to the air handling units.