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Structural Engineering

HHA’s structural engineering services include building design,  non-building structures design and structural repairs and renovations to existing structures. When designing a building our structural engineering staff works closely with our architectural staff to ensure that the coordination process starts early during the design phase. Involvement early on is critical to ensure the original design can be met in a practical and economical manner. In addition to buildings, our structural engineering staff can provide non-building design services for steel connections, stairs, handrails, pipe racks, and mechanical equipment support dunnage. We also provide a comprehensive approach to concrete repair, ranging from simple crack  repair to full-depth slab repairs.

Our Structural Engineering services include:

  • Building Design
    • Existing building renovations and retrofits
    • New Building Design
  • Concrete Repair
  • Non-Building Structure Design
    • Steel Stairs, landings and guardrails
    • Support and seismic bracing design for piping, conduit and ductwork
    • Design for dunnage, pipe racks, etc
  • Steel Connection Design
  • Miscellaneous
    • Special Inspections
    • Forensic Investigations
    • Analysis and Studies of existing structures